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XXXII Edycja Konkursu Orzeł Agrobiznesu

2010-10-01 16:11:46

W dniu 7 września 2010 w Domu Literatury w Warszawie odbył się finał XXXII edycji konkursu pod honorowym patronatem Wicemarszałka Sejmu RP Ewy Kierzkowskiej o nagrodę „ORZEŁ AGROBIZNESU”.

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Hotel Pod Świerkiem

ul. Waryńskiego 38, 28-100 Busko Zdrój


Hotel Pod Świerkiem (Hotel "Under a Spruce")

Hotel "POD ŚWIERKIEM" is located close to a romantic health resort park.

The hotel also has longtime traditions. A third generation of  restauranteurs continuously works on a long series of its successes. That’s why HOTEL "POD ŚWIERKIEM" is enjoying constant popularity of guests from home and abroad.

It is known for its comfortable rooms, original décor, home cooking and pleasant atmosphere. Therefore, it’s only natural, that its loyal guests are people from the world of culture, business et al.

Here, traditional Polish hospitality awaits everyone.


Busko-Zdrój is an attractive, well known health resort with mineral springs unique in the country and Europe.

The health resort is located in a picturesque region of southern Poland 80 km from Krakow an ancient city of the kings listed in the world’s cultural heritage.

Numerous tourist attractions may also be found in the immediate neighborhood of Busko-Zdrój and are considered to be as some of the most interesting in Poland.

The treatments provided in the health resort are based on mineral waters – sulfide-hydrosulfide saline and mud baths. They are used in treating joint ailments, join inflammation, spinal disorders, discopathy, sciatica, some neurological illnesses, post traumatic conditions, hypertension, narrowing of lower extremities blood vessel and dermatological disorders – psoriasis.